Vacuum Packaging: Is it Right for You?

Vacuum packaging is an excellent way of packaging various products. It is often used in residential and commercial applications to preserve food.

Why Consider Vacuum Packaging?

Vacuum packaging provides a lot of benefits including the following:

  • Extended shelf life. Vacuum packaging can extend the life of sealed food from 50 percent to 400 percent. It takes just determining the ideal atmosphere within the packaging. This type of packaging is a preferred method for products that will be stored in freezers for a long time.

  • Increased bottom lines. As vacuum packaging extends the life of products being preserved, companies will be able to reduce their product losses. This can translate to an increase bottom line.
  • Better product presentation. The majority of vacuum bags are clear. This allows consumers to clearly see the products on display. Vacuum packaging is an affordable way to bring products before the eyes of consumers.
  • Several packaging options. The materials used for vacuum sealing are available in various forms. Users can purchase bags or rolls of film for sealing products. These bags can come with zippers that can be opened and closed easily.
  • Protection from the elements. Most vacuum bags are 3 millimeters thick but others can be up to 8 millimeters thick. Vacuum packaging can protect products from various external elements such as dust, insects and moisture. These elements may damage the product. Also, this form of packaging can protect products from freezer burn when stored in the freezer for a long time.

  • Zero chemical preservatives. With vacuum packing, there is no need to use chemical preservatives. With the right mix of oxygen and an inert gas, the products sealed will last longer. Vacuum packaging usually uses nitrogen as the inert gas.

Things to Consider Before Buying Vacuum Sealers

The vacuum packaging machine that you can find in the market may have prices and requirements that are different from others. If you want to save on frustration later, make sure you determine the product sizes and production levels. Also, it is important to consider the gas flush which works by inserting an inert gas into the package to help in extending the food’s shelf life.

After determining the right sealer, choose the vacuum bag. Vacuum bags are available in various sizes and options. Picking the right bag for every product ensures professional packaging. Depending on your chosen machine, you may also need to consider things like external compressors and external gas tanks.

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