The perfect head covering for those warm and sunny days is a White Fedora Hat. These fashionable hats are well made and elegantly crafted and come in styles and sizes for men and women. Fedora hats are durable, lightweight and breathable. Plus, they are fade-resistant and comfortable to wear. Fedoras have short or wide brims and many come with a removable or non-removable classic black band or a patterned grosgrain ribbon. Some hats have bands that are two-toned, floral or printed. Bands also come in a variety of colors such as red, white, pink, navy or charcoal. These hats pair well with casual and dressy attire such as flowy dresses, business suits, shorts, mini or maxi skirts and jeans. These versatile and stylish hats can be worn to the beach, sporting events, weddings, church and outdoor events such as concerts. The price range varies.