African soap has been used for thousands of years by the locals of Africa. The ingredients of this soap vary according to the plant it is produced from but most commonly include Shea Butter, cocoa pods, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, and the extract of the embossed leaves of the Kalahari desert tree. While the Shea Butter and cocoa pods provide moisturizing properties and lather, sodium hydroxide accelerates the breaking down of dead skin cells. The mixture should be dampened before being used and left to dry for several hours to achieve the desired lather. While in the making of this soap, the cocoa pods are added as a source of fragrance. However, one must not use beans from poppies as these contain caffeine, which may prove harmful.

The lathe is what many people are searching for when they try to find a soap that treats acne. With African soap, this is definitely possible as it provides a thick, rich lather that works to cleanse all areas of the body.