RC drilling companies use drilling techniques that lower the operating costs. It involves less hassle compared to traditional drilling methods. There are many advantages of using this drilling technique in mining prospect and other drilling jobs. It is possible to drill faster by removing the cuttings at faster speed. It is capable of removing the cuttings up to three times faster than conventional methods. There is less wear and tear to the cutting tools due to lower drilling friction. It means the buttons and tools last longer.

This drilling technique uses less air and is capable of taking out heavier and bigger rocks. It reduces the risk of rocks falling back in the hole. It eliminates the risk of hammer, casing or the bit getting stuck. More sensitized formations mean less risk of borehole wall caving in. There is less mess and dust, so the drill operations can be carried out even in public places without causing air pollution. A smaller area is affected so the drilling activity causes minimum disturbance at the site.