Dried and preserved flowers are becoming quite popular and are now used widely for various occasions like weddings, birthdays, gifts, bouquets, home décor, or styling. Available in subtle colors and myriad textures, dried flowers are versatile, long-lasting, require low maintenance, and offer great value for money. Learn more about some amazing facts about dried blooms in this guide below.

#1: Carry their original fragrance

Generally, most flowers lose their fragrance once they have been dried. However, certain flowers such as roses, lavender, and straw-flowers retain their scent even after the drying process.

#2: Can be used for cooking

Some dried flowers are edible and can be used in cakes and other desserts. Also, you can use them to make your own tea blends, using black or green teas as well as herbs.

#3: Make Excellent Dyes

Dried florals can use as dyes for cloth and also for Easter eggs. While a reddish-blue/lavender color can be obtained from dried hibiscus flowers, a pale yellow color can be obtained using safflower petals. Using a mordant (such as cream of tartar or alum) can help your color stay longer.

Dried flowers are available throughout the year and are a great alternative to fresh flowers. Visit your local florist shop to buy your favorite dried florals today.