Steel is a material used in designing many products surrounding you. Its properties like rust resistant, ductility, tough, hard, and aesthetic makes it the best material for designing versatile products. You can even recycle steel and use it.

Unfamiliar but awesome things related to steel

Steel is refined from iron

Today, 90% metals get refined from iron. Majority of this gets crafted into steel. Steel beams, which hold your homes or are used in cars, have been refined from iron. It is not found in nature but is an alloy made from mixing iron, nickel, and chromium. These elements add properties like durability, weather-resistance, and rust-free.

Iron is needed for survival

Iron is not just needed for building cars you drive or in designing grocery carts needed at malls but plants, animals, and humans need it, too. In animals and humans, iron is a crucial element found in Hemoglobin. In plants, iron is used to prepare chlorophyll necessary for photosynthesis.

Creating containers & packaging

Tons and tons of steel get used in creating packages and containers required to hold products.

Steel is fully recyclable

Iron atoms don’t get destroyed, when scrap steel metal gets melted. They get arranged in new and organized manner to give out new steel with fresh properties.

Recycling is not new for steel industry. There is always a demand for scrap. It is sought after raw materials in steel sector. Scrap mixture is altered according to the required specification necessary to create new products.

Example of treated recycled steel

The elector-galvanized sheets of steel obtained from junk motor cars undergo melting at the recycling plant. Zinc coating gets separated and is also handled carefully and recycled. Internal scraps obtained from steel industry’s own production process includes steel residues from furnaces and ladles or during rolling and casting processes are also recycled to be used. External [merchant] scrap includes deteriorated steel products and scrap from metal working or fabrication in workshops.

Steel scrap gets separated for quality reasons on the basis of its origin, dimension, and analysis.

Recycling steel is cheaper than mining ore

Plastic recycling is expensive and they cannot melt fully, so remaining plastic can end in landfill. Steel is cheap to recycle but people continue to mine ore for adding to the steel that is already produced.

Surplus steel is sold cheaply

Construction and automobile sector uses steel products in abundance. They ensure that the unused steel pipes or frames or beams get sold at fair prices. Thus customers get to buy surplus steel from Steel Houston at cheaper rates for their projects like fencing, building gates, posts, and more.