PADI Divemaster training is considered one of the most important qualifications for a qualified diver to acquire. PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is a non-profit international organization that develops, publishes, and supports instruction manuals, technical books, and training equipment for PADI-certified diving professionals. The certification, when acquired, demonstrates a commitment to continuing education, safety, and responsibility that is a must for all PADI-certified instructors. With certification from PADI, divers from around the world can enter the highly competitive market full of opportunities, rewards, and prestige for PADI certified instructors.

Diving is a profession that is more popular among the general public. It is a fun, challenging and activity that anyone can take part in whether they have the physical ability to do so or not. PADI certification provides proof to potential employers or other individuals that you are a competent professional.