A rapid HIV test is the most convenient and effective way to determine if someone has HIV or not. Other methods like home testing require a lot of time and money, which means you have to schedule the testing at a specific time and place. HIV tests are also often painless; instead of you having to rub your arm with a syringe carefully and then leave it there for the next few hours, you can just gently dab the inside of your forearm with a moist, lint-free swab. In some cases, you will also give a small blood sample for HIV testing.

There are different types of rapid HIV tests available. The easiest one is the saliva test, which is usually done in your home. All you need is to swab your tongue; the result will show you if you have been in contact with someone who is positively infected with HIV. Another type of rapid HIV test available is the urine test. This type of rapid HIV test works by examining the HIV antibodies in your urine to tell if you are infected or not.