Telemedicine Cart is an articulating, mobility-based medical cart, all-in-one! Telemedicine carts help make it much easier to have your telemedicine applications up and to run in any area you wish. These telemedicine carts are highly designed to be versatile to your particular medical needs so that you can incorporate the most recent technology and hardware into your cart.

Telemedicine has been used in the healthcare industry for quite some time as patients are able to access physicians via their personal computers, anywhere they may be located. With telemedicine, you no longer need to worry about whether or not your physician will be available to you or if you are even going to see them. You can simply call them and talk to one of their highly trained therapists right then and there. The versatility of this new method of patient contact has been one of its greatest advantages. These innovative medical devices are used to make patient contact possible with any healthcare professional in the country – from a dentist to a flight attendant – all simply by using a specialized smartphone or PDA