The world-famous Luxury 4×4 Malaysia, manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation’s auto production division, has been making news for many years now. With the introduction of a new model into the series, called the Lexus ES, it has seemed that the once-popular Vitz sport utility has been transformed into one of the top luxury vehicles in the world. Not only is it extremely luxurious when it comes to its interiors, but it also happens to be very sporty, thanks to the upholstery and exterior materials that have been used. It is no surprise that the luxury cars from this manufacturer are fast becoming one of the most sought-after vehicles worldwide. And since the company is such a huge name in the industry, it seems like only good things will happen to these cars.

If you want to own a luxury car that is both unique and sophisticated, then the Lexus ES is just the car for you. It has features such as standard alloy wheels, which are lightweight but strong enough to make the car very quick on the road.