Black Ankle Boots are truly a must-have staple for many people. They look great and can be worn with various styles of clothing such as long and short dresses, jeans, rompers, leggings, sweat pants, slacks and business or dressy pantsuits. Mini or maxi skirts, culottes and jumpsuits are also compatible with ankle boots. They fit comfortably and come in a range of designs such as plain, jeweled or embroidered. In addition, they are offered in a variety of sizes and widths and fasteners like lace up, zippers, button loops, buckles and straps. There are also round, almond, square and open toe designs to choose from. Heel heights vary from flat to mid to stiletto, which makes ankle boots ideal for various outings such weddings, meetings, dance clubs, movie theaters and restaurants and bars. These comfortable boots are also perfect for the office and classroom.