Boho Summer Dresses have a comfortable and relaxed form and fit. These flowing dresses are designed for anyone with a taste for non-conformist fashion. Bohemian fashion combines casual artistry styling with striking designs like long and short sleeve kimonos, loosely draping spaghetti strap dresses and boldly printed mini and maxi dresses. These fun dresses also feature trimming, top-stitching, embroidery, crochet and tassels. Many solid colors are available like red, green, pink, black, bright blue, yellow, purple and white. If patterns and designs are desired, shoppers can choose from and a selection of vibrant prints and bold patterns. These breezy and free-spirited dresses easily pair with floppy hats, gold or silver bangle bracelets, dangling gold , pearls, high heels, flats, pumps and ankle boots. Boho dresses are reasonably priced and are ideal for the beach, backyard pool parties, weddings and nights out on the town.