Want to create a luxurious post-shower experience? Then you deserve a towel warmer. Some electric warmers are made up of steel bars. They allow you to hang several towels at the same time. This option usually comes in a mirrored finish to complement the bathroom décor. Others have a canister design whereby you just drop your towels inside. It fits snugly even in a cluttered room thanks to their compact size. They have transparent lids that allow you to see the number of towels that have been put in.

Another model resembles a waste bin. This design is spacious enough for bathrobes and oversized towels. The utilitarian style blends seamlessly into the bathroom interior. The large size is ideal for fluffy towels for multiple bathers. So you don’t have to install bigger racks on the wall.

Your shower will never be the same when you have a towel rack with a programmable timer function for better control. It dries off your towel whenever you need it and exactly how you want it.