Commercial food serving establishments need a quick pizza oven. You should also pay attention to the space, fuel source, pizza type, order volume and other things when selecting this type of oven. Take a look at the space you have for the oven installment. If you are looking for a high volume pizza making device, then a gas-fired oven can be a good choice. You are assured of an evenly cooked pizza and crispier crust. However, if the gas is not available easily in your location or you run a food truck, an electric pizza oven will work better.

Look for an oven that lets you prepare more units of pizza so you can make more pizzas in less time. It will have more racks per chamber. A convection oven is perfect for a restaurant that has pizza in the menu but is not considered a pizzeria. Go for the conveyor oven if you have to churn out high volume of pizzas continuously and quickly.