Coolers are no longer limited to traditional designs. These products are now made for various applications in a variety of styles and designs. Made with latest materials that keep the cold items cold for long, you will find different models of coolers. Use a water cooler backpack to carry cool water to locations where refrigeration facility is not available. You can hold up to 20 liters of water in cans or bottles inside the insulated bag. There is no spilling of ice water from any part of the backpack. It will not wet your shirt or make you feel cold on the back. The insulated and sealed backpack protects you from all such problems.

Choose a backpack based on your specific needs. Take into account the amount of water you have to carry. Carrying too much weight on your shoulders can be tiring if you will be carrying it for long hours. Carry only the weight you will find comfortable during the hiking. The bag should have good shoulder pads to prevent pain in the shoulders and back.