Thousands of drones of varying sizes are sold every year through Internet and gadget stores. While it is fun to fly a drone, you have to make sure you are complying with the local laws related to the flying of the drones. Even the footage you obtain from a professional drone operator may not be legal. You may not have the legal right to use that footage due to copyright issues or because someone who did not give consent was photographed or filmed. Always use legal drone footage in your projects to avoid legal problems.

Drones have become quite affordable and even small drones have lots of features and capabilities now. It is fun to operate and fly small drones. However, in most areas, you need a license to own and operate small to medium size drones. You also need specific permission when you plan to fly a drone at a particular location, at certain heights, and at a given time and date. These details must be conveyed in advance to the relevant drone regulating government department. You can fly your drone only after getting permission from that agency.