Choosing event vendors is a complicated process due to the many suppliers in the market. However, you can get the names of the local vendors online. Here are tips for selecting a wedding table supplier.


Team up with your partner and come up with a financial plan for the needed tables. Identify the number of expected guests to have an idea of the number of tables to order. Inform the wedding planner about the needed tables.

Seek Recommendations

Request the listed suppliers for contact information of their recent customers who can testify about their tables. Visit their website for reviews and ratings of their services. Inquire from your event planner about the right suppliers to contact in your area.

Compare Rates

Draft everything for reference purposes. Also, request for quotes to compare the selling price of the various vendors. Confirm that the tables are large enough and of high-quality before picking them.


Ensure that you take part in the vendor selection process. Also, negotiate for better rates. Avoid suppliers with negative remarks.