The eyes say everything, so making yours stand out from the crowd with colored lenses is a great option to take; but choosing the right contact lens color requires a number of considerations to be taken into account, before finding that particular, unique look that suits you perfectly.

Practically the entire color spectrum can be utilized, with anything from the normal browns, greens and blues, to striking yellows, reds and blacks. Previously, it was perhaps only fancy-dress, or Halloween that prompted a desire to shock, but now it is possible 24/7.

Some of the more outlandish creations include: blood splats, spiders webs, zombies and bizarrely UV i-glows. In addition there are werewolf’s, lizards, snakes and for the shock factor, the Hulk; however, anybody seeing those eyes may suddenly make a quick disappearing act! Basically, almost anything imaginable is possible to finish off an outfit, or to create an individual identity, that is unique and dramatic at the same time.