Having a neat and clean area for working is always a good source of motivation and increases productivity tenfold. Also having clean surroundings is obviously good hygiene and prevents you from falling sick, which is another reason for low productivity. Office and commercial cleaningis best left to the professional cleaning services but after they finish cleaning, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your office remains clean. If you need an office cleaning Dandenong service, a reliable one is Sparkle Office.

Here are some good tips to make your office squeaky clean

Separate food from work

When you eat right where you work, you have the risk of dropping your food there. This would cause bugs, such as cockroaches, to come to the food particles and move around your office thereby spreading diseases. A good idea is to not eat where you work. Have a separate room assigned just to eat snacks and drink beverages in case your office doesn’t have a cafeteria. This will also help in productivity as you will begin to see your office as a place of work where you’re supposed to be productive and work hard.

Keep the desks organized

An unsettling sight to see is a disorganized desk right when you arrive at work. This form of anarchy doesn’t really increase productivity (unless you’re one of the people who maintain order in the looks of chaos), but rather decreases it and causes work to take longer to finish when files are so difficult to find. A good way to avoid this kind of time delay would be to keep all your stationery neatly in a pen holder and to have a file cabinet to arrange all the files inside, this makes things easy to find and the organized way things are provides motivation to work harder.

Clean up the gadgets

Something that’s been scientifically proven to have more germs than a toilet seat is your very own Smartphone and keyboard. Think of it, we always try our best to keep the gadgets away from water to prevent damage to them. Also most people rarely clean their gadgets, making them the perfect breeding ground for dangerous germs which have the potential of infecting your entire office. So every week, you should clean up your gadgets and make sure they are germ free.

Have cleaning supplies right in your office

The best way to ensure that accidental spills and dust don’t stop your office productivity is to have basic cleaning supplies to handle such things. A good idea would be a mop, screen wipes, paper towels, disinfectant sprays, etc. And even though you have these supplies, you should call the professionals commercial cleaning crew periodically to properly ensure that the workspace remains clean and healthy.

So you can just follow these tips to make sure that your office stays disease free and looks beautiful and that its productivity stays high. Sparkle Office also provides office cleaning Melbourne for the readers in Melbourne.