The coronavirus is highly infectious, and to prevent Covid 19, it is best practice the strictest of hygiene routines. This includes the cleaning and disinfecting of all objects and surface that people will normally touch, besides social distancing and other ensuring personal hygiene.

Covid-19 disinfection service providers will first assess the risks in the spaces they are asked to treat, decide on the method of disinfecting and then manually disinfect the site after cleaning it using specialist equipment. They will go through the rooms where contamination is feared, and systematically clean al surfaces and likely touchpoints. Areas contaminated with body fluids will be subjected to specialist cleaning.

Manual methods are used to clean surfaces and objects, but fogging is used to disinfect larger areas and thus allows inaccessible areas to also receive the disinfectant.

Cleaning and disinfecting are essential measures for buildings and workplaces that need to return to their normal use.