If you have lost your job, or you have just found yourself in a situation where you need more money to pay off your COBRA premiums than your insurance company will cover, there are some basic COBRA insurance rules you can follow. These rules may help you avoid losing your coverage through COBRA.

First, if you have insurance through COBRA and find out that you need more money to pay for your COBRA premiums, you should contact your COBRA company. You will have to prove that you can no longer pay for your COBRA premiums and prefer to keep your insurance coverage active. In many cases, this will require a COBRA lawyer’s assistance, who will make sure you get the best settlement possible. If you find out that you cannot keep your COBRA coverage active, you may not receive COBRA benefits. Even if you do get COBRA benefits, they may only last for a certain time, and you will then have to find some other source of coverage.

The most common way that COBRA insurance companies will seek repayment of an outstanding balance is by contacting the creditor who made the original insurance payments.