Parents with newborns tend to be sleep-deprived and completely at the mercy of their little one. That’s why it’s so hard to manage when your baby only naps 30 minutes at a time. This can be frustrating and exhausting, but there are a few things you can do to keep it from derailing your entire day.

First, if you’re missing on sleep yourself, consider napping when your infant does. This isn’t always easy, but catching a quick nap of your own can help you shore up the stamina you need to meet your new baby’s needs.

If you don’t need those nap times for yourself, use the time to catch up on anything you can’t do while you’re holding, feeding, changing, or soothing your child. It would be better to have an hour or two, but half an hour can give you the space to wash some dishes, fold some laundry, or even catch up on some reading.