In the age of Covid-19 proliferation, sanitizing is big business. From Hand sanitizer to portable wands with built-in UV light sanitizers. The portable devices can be used to sanitize anything from hands to plastic spoons used to dine out while away from the home.

UVC (Ultra violet C) is a wavelength that science has been aware of for some time, but it’s only recently been found to be safe to use around humans. These rays are not visible by the naked eye. They are known for their germicidal properties and their excellent application as sanitizers. They kill harmful organisms at a range of 200-280 nanometers, that’s at the DNA level.

A high tech sanitizer is the Phone Soap device. It’s a device with a lid and an interior large enough to hold an iPhone or similar device. It’s used to sanitize your cell phone. You place your phone in it and after closing, it begins the sanitizing process. These devices can kill 99.99% of bacteria on your phones. Plug it into the wall outlet for power after connecting the USB power cord into the device. The cleaning power is ultra violet light at 200 nanometer wavelengths, which is sufficient to kill all bacteria.

The air purifier that uses UV light and ozone to double kill air borne contaminants. The light produces both ultra violet light and ozone at the same time. The Ultra violet kills everything within its light rays, but only the ozone can kill things the light doesn’t touch. Another type of air purifier uses three filters in combination with UV light to kill everything in the air sucked into its wake.

Ultra violet light is being used quite liberally to sanitize everything. You’ll find it in lighted fixtures mounted to the wall. All one must do is put your hand in front of the sensor and it automatically dispenses a dollop of hand sanitizer. There’s even a sterilizer that can disinfect anything in the classroom as it stands idle on the teacher’s desk. It’s shaped like an arched bridge and lies safely on a flat surface. It’s waiting to be used to sterilize crayons, erasers, pencils, rulers, and anything else in the classroom.

With the introduction of Covid-19, we have advanced fast into Jetson territory with UV C sterilization techniques to clean everything from hands to mechanical devices. Everything in your home that’s exposed to any type of contaminant can be sterilized with the advent of the wand with UVC light. You just pass it over the item, and it will instantly be sanitized, and your home is that much cleaner.