Whether wearing a body contouring dress or your favorite pair of skinny jeans, you can complete and polish your look with a quality pair of control panties. These garments are designed to draw the lower abdomen in. As such, they create a smooth, seamless silhouette so that you can feel confident all the time. They offer a comfortable feel at the buttocks, thighs, and waistline while boasting a figure-refining design right where it’s needed the most. If you find yourself constantly sucking your stomach in when wearing form-fitting clothes, these are the perfect panties for you.

There are also a number of practical benefits in wearing garments that are built for control. Not only will these panties draw your tummy in, but they’ll also help promote good posture while encouraging you to keep your lower abdominal muscles engaged. By tightening your lower core muscles and maintaining this tightness, you can actually improve how your lower belly looks over time. Best of all, these efforts will allow your abdominal muscles to better support your spine, so that lower back pain gradually becomes a thing of the past.