A rotary feeder is a necessary component in various industrial machines. These machines are used in many industries, such as agriculture, manufacturing, automotive, foods and drinks, chemical processing, mining and others. The rotary feed manufaturers can supply a wide range of such feeders of different capacities and power specifications. During the manufacturing process, it is not easy to separate and align a large number of small parts manually. An automatic rotary feeding machine makes this task quick and easy.

Both small and large parts can be aligned even when the machine is operating at high speed. It eliminates the need for physically demanding manual sorting. These feeders are connected to the cyclones, receivers, bins and hoppers. This feeding machine can be separated from the main machine for repair or maintenance. Some feeders have customizable feeding unit which can be separated and changed, or oriented in a different way to suit different size parts. It results in efficient, quick and economical separation of parts.