Large format Colortrac scanners are perfect for scanning large size paper documents. This type of document is used extensively in the fields of architecture, construction and engineering. The availability of increased computing power and sophisticated CAD applications has made it possible to capture data from large size documents. These documents contain highly critical information, images and graphics. Scanning such a document requires a high quality scanner that will preserve all this information accurately and in sharp detail.

Colortrac makes a wide range of scanners for different applications. Its scanners are available for scanning documents, blueprints, artworks, posters, maps, GIS and others. It also has MFP range of scanners that connect directly to large format printers. All these scanners create sharp, fast and accurate copies of the documents in digital format. Once a paper document has been turned into digital document, it becomes easier to edit, share and manage the digital data using computer programs and a networked system.