There are quite a number of Dinghy outboard engines; these include a two-stroke, a four-stroke and an electric outboard among others. The most common tussle is picking the ideal one for a Dinghy with Outboard motor. Well, there are various reasons to look at each type so as to make an informed pick. More often, it always boils down to three things; how much one is willing to pay for the engine, how much emissions one is willing to accommodate or how fast you desire to move.

The two-stroke engine are less expensive to buy, easier to maintain, have a simpler design and are faster than four-strokes. On the other hand it requires addition of oil to fuel in order to operate; therefore more smoke and noise on starting. The four-stroke type run more quietly and smoothly and pollute less. Nevertheless they are heavier and more complex as opposed to the two-stroke type.
An electric motor have a moderately powerful outboard; it is also ecologically friendly, lighter and quieter. After knowing the feature of these outboard, one can make a choice in line with the considerations in mind.