Few things are more uncomfortable than having your undergarments rub you the wrong way in public. Poorly designed underpants can irritate the body’s most sensitive and delicate skin. They can cause cuts and abrasions at the inner thigh and groin, and make movements both difficult and downright painful. Even walking from your car to your desk can be a challenge if these garments fit wrong, are too tight, or have excessively rough edges or seams.

No chafe underwear is designed specifically for providing comfort. Often seamless, these sit gently on top of the skin. You can move about as much as you want without fear of having them bunch up, create friction injuries, or fail to do their job. Best of all, you can even wear these undies with form-fitting clothing without showing off unsavory bulges, dimples, or lines. Many of these products are additionally made with fabrics that have natural wicking properties and offer excellent ventilation.