Your coming art style is what will help build your brand as an artist. Build your personal visual brand and own your unique artistic style. Here are some strategies that have worked for most of the best DC artists.

Cultivating The Power of Recognition

Like every artist, you want to stand out. It’s amazing to be in the spotlight. Cultivate that incredible level of admiration that will earn you credit.

Picking The Right, Artistic Style

New developments, new approaches. You can’t stick to your old ways and expect to thrive. Learn to deploy new aesthetics, but stick to styles that inspired you into joining the creative industry.

Uncover Your True Potential

It’s good to be influenced by other artists. However, do not emulate their approach and style. Embrace uniqueness to avoid being confused for some other artist.


Your ability to adapt to new artistic styles will determine your success. Differentiate yourself from other artists. Strive to deliver to the expectations of your fans.