Love tea is yet another attempt we humans exert to control our destinies. So, people truly believe these teas work to encourage feelings of love for the person serving the tea. The jury is still out. Just in case here is a recipe believed to work.

Boil water and add lemongrass (fresh or dried), ginger (fresh and peeled), half a cinnamon stick, cracked cardamom pods, anise seed, and cloves. Allow this mixture to steep for five minutes and afterward add peppermint, Earl Grey tea, and green tea. Allow that mixture to steep for five minutes. Add some honey, rose water and orange blossom water. Strain the tea and stir before drinking.

It’s now time to serve it to the object of your desires. Give it time, it doesn’t work instantly. If after a week, you don’t see any change. Consider if the drink was pleasant enough to drink again. If so, enjoy it and keep pursuing the object of your desires.