Physicians will review the dietary habits and medical history with any peptic system condition before prescribing a treatment. Also, the medical practitioner will carry out a physical exam to determine the exact problem. Here are some of the common digestive relief medicine.

Lactase Supplements

Lactase compounds help the digestive system to breakdown sugars in lactose. The supplements reduce gas symptoms to dairy products intolerant persons. Even so, you should consult your doctor before taking this medication.

Simethicone Drugs

Simethicone elements are perfect in breaking up gas bubbles allowing it to pass through the digestive tract. Excess gas on your digestive tract leads to gastric problems. Therefore, get simethicone from a certified doctor.

Activated charcoal

Take activated charcoal compounds before and after eating. The medication reduces peptic problems. Talk to your medical providers before consuming activated charcoal for directives.


See a medical specialist for all related digestive conditions. Get the right dietary guide. Besides, take your prescription as instructed.