Eyebrow Lamination is a highly popular two-step treatment process that perms brows corrects their shape. First, a chemical solution is used to set eyebrow hairs in place. Next, a cream is applied to soften brow hairs so they can be brushed and manipulated. The second step involves applying an additional cream that relaxes the brows and allows them to be uniformly sculpted. This process is ideal for people who have unruly, thin, or flat brows. It can also realign and change the direction brows grow and can instantly make brows look neater and fuller. Lamination also gives brows a higher arch and a more concise shape. If desired, customers can opt for tinting to give brows a lush appeal. Brows can be dramatically enhanced in as little as one treatment session. Typically, brow lamination lasts about six weeks and can fully transform unruly or thinning brows.