Different reasons can lead to bathtub refinishing. You might want to give your old tub a new shade through painting. Here are fiberglass bathtub paint tips.

Caulking Removal

Use caulk removal tools to remove seals from the surface. Dab a piece of cloth in alcohol and clean the surface. Remember to reapply caulk after painting your tubs.

Clean the Tub

Scrub all parts of a tub to remove stains and dirt. Mix baking soda and vinegar to remove watermarks as well as calcium deposits. Wash off the cleaner using water before wiping the surface dry.

Sand the Tub

Get fine sandpaper or steel wool to create to roughen the surface for easy painting. Also, wash the bathtub to eliminate residue. Use either paint or primer to coat the tube before adding a top paint. Ensure that you sand every coat before painting another layer.


Put on a protective attire as paint fumes are harmful to your health. Keep the space ventilated while painting it. Besides, use high-quality paints.