The range of styles that we can achieve using Bohemian fashion is virtually limitless. This is due in large part to the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is anything available that you can wear – such as clothes and accessories. Style is what you do with it. As such, you can take any kind of bohemian fashion pieces and put them together using your preferred styles.

Two Tips for Using Bohemian Pieces for Great Style

Contrary to popular belief, Bohemian looks can be used to create any of your preferred styles – including chic, streamlined looks. Below, we look at some of the style options you can recreate with Bohemian pieces.

01. Casual styles

Pair your favorite bohemian-styled blouses with your jeans, or wear a bohemian sundress with a pair of cute flats or sandals and you have a really awesome casual style that works for you.

02. Chic or classic styles

Classic styles form their look from clean lines and minimalism, which on the surface seems to be very unlike the bohemian look. Still, we can work Bohemian looks into our classic style through accessories, such as scarves, earrings, head wraps, and other accent pieces like that.