Your facial skin undergoes lots of stress every day. There are environmental factors, gravity, repeated facial expressions, and aging that lead to the forming of lines and wrinkles on the face. The Botox neurotoxin injectable smoothens the wrinkles. It can also be used to add volume in certain facial features. This muscle relaxer blocks the signals that force muscles to contract. The relaxed and numbed muscles do not contract, resulting in fewer lines and wrinkles. The facial skin looks smoother than before. Find the best places for Botox NYC city has to offer and choose the clinic that has an experienced Botox injector.

Now you can look more youthful by undergoing this simple treatment that does not involve any surgical treatment. Check before and after photos to see how much skin smoothness you can expect. The doctor will first discuss with you your specific cosmetic needs and then devise the right treatment plan based on this report. Call now to book an appointment and learn more about this treatment.