If you know how to forage for food, then you will never get hungry. Experts can find edibles anywhere they go. That alone is an excellent reason to learn more about this subject. Just be sure to do it carefully and responsibly so that you can enjoy the benefits without causing trouble. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you begin this journey:

Use Online Sources

Public libraries can be great sources of information if you go to their outdoor section. However, not everyone has access to these facilities right now. The Internet is a wonderful alternative if you know how to look for reliable sources. Read articles from outdoor magazines, watch videos from seasoned foragers, and subscribe to foraging podcasts to absorb the knowledge that experts are generously providing. You might want to take notes as you go so that you don’t forget the more important details. Review these notes from time to time.

Explore Your Neighborhood

Almost every place grows edibles that people simply pass by every day. With a trained eye, you can recognize and appreciate them. You might be surprised about the amount of food that you can take home with you after going around your own neighborhood. There should be some even in cities. You can go to parks and similar locations if you are having trouble finding good sites. Expand your territory as you learn more. You could also practice when on vacation to different regions or countries. Study the things that might grow in their climates.

Exercise Caution at All Times

A lot of plants look the same. As a beginner, you need to be extra careful when differentiating certain species because you might end up ingesting poisonous items. You could get a bum stomach or something much worse. For example, not all mushrooms can be eaten. Some are definitely delicious and commonly used in various recipes. However, others are poisonous or hallucinogenic. You need to be on guard so as not to fall prey to the dangerous varieties.

Get Only What You Need

You might stumble into a large patch of plants with delicious produce that are ripe for the picking. It is tempting to get everything in your bag or basket but resist this urge. This is likely to be food for the wildlife in the area. Perhaps someone actually owns it. In any case, get only what you need for the moment and leave the rest behind.