Fresher faces several types of difficulties when they open trade. They have a lack of enough knowledge about the market. Amateur traders think how the professional trades. To become a successful trader, you need some guidelines. Hard working is very crucial for you to get success. Fresher should have thirst for knowledge. Try to differentiate between the wrong and right information as all information is not fruitful. Some can mislead you. On the other hand, some can help to be an executive trader. Some ways are discussed here which will help fresher to become successful in the market.


Before opening a trade, you need to know some basics of the market. There are many variables that influence the market. This fundamental knowledge will help you to trade properly. Identify the market where you want to trade. As a trader, you have to understand the bid price and ask price. Risk management skill is very necessary for you. Fresher needs to know how much deposit you need for trading. Remember that, you need at least $1000 for a short trade. Try to observe your daily performance to make progress. For this, you need to maintain a trading journal. As a trader, you have to about the time frame to execute trade in the Forex market. There are various types of traders in the market such as day trader, quick scalper, and position trader. You can collect this information from the books which you can get in the bookshop or in the online. Many online sources allow you to learn about the basics without any cost. 2

Being a new Aussie trader, try to use the best broker like Rakuten Securities Australia. It will help you to develop your skill more quickly. Infact, you will become more confident with your trading approach and this should make you feel more confident in this industry.

Depth Knowledge

After basics, you need to go in-depth. Your fundamental knowledge will help you to understand the market. For doing better performance, you have to gain advanced knowledge. Investors need to know how to identify the price of an option, and have to know about your buyers. Having knowledge about the use of indicators and technical tools are very necessary for the traders. As a stock trader, you have to know about the process of a short sell, the working process of dividends, and so on. There is a specific difference between the pre-market trading and the trading throughout the time. As a stock trader, you have to know about it. If you are a Forex trader, you have to know about the pip values that you can learn from many websites. For learning advanced knowledge, you have to pay. Investors can attend seminars where they will get chance to ask the questions to the experts.

Having A Mentor

As a fresher, this is common that the market condition is totally unknown to you. You can take suggestions from the others, but have to choose one who respects your style. Select a motivator who can motivate you for learning more and more. Some businessman choose self-learning. Through this, they can easily establish their identity, but it takes time. Many professionals prefer self-learning. They learn from the journals, charts, and so on. Try to choose one who is successful in his or her field.

Practice in Virtual Market

Without practice, no one do well in the market. Fresher has to learn how to choose a broker which is very crucial for the trading. A plan is very necessary for trading. You can execute your plan through a demo account where you do not have to invest money. People will get every opportunity what they get in the market. If they see that your plan is not working well in this market, can make changes before executing it in the real market. By practicing here, you will understand how to maintain balance between the cost and deposit.