The transportation sector is one of the fast-growing sectors in the UK with huge growth potential and promises a bright future. But it has been observed that most transport companies offer one or two vehicles in their range and do not have a comprehensive vision of serving the UK transportation needs more effectively.

The first model of future transport project will be the rapid bus transport (BRT) model, which promises to ease the traffic jam problem on the major roads in the UK. With the help of advanced technology, vehicles can travel at very fast speeds. The overall cost of this model is far less than other modes of public transport, and the overall benefits are enormous.

The second model is Electro-hydraulically powered traffic buses that reduce traffic problems in London and other major cities in the UK. The biggest advantage of this model is that it provides an excellent pollution-free environment. The third model is the battery-powered future transport project that promises to reduce power consumption. This model has been greatly successful and popular among transport companies all over the UK. It is cheaper than any other model and also offers a pollution-free environment.