If you have sore muscles or are feeling tense all day, then maybe it’s time to visit your GP and discuss your concerns over massage with them about the services of Geelong Natural Therapies. Geelong Natural Therapies has trained massage therapists in Bowen Therapy, remedial massage, and myotherapy, who can thoroughly assess your individual needs before offering you a massage that will soothe and balance the body and mind. These massage treatments provide immediate relief from tension and pain. Warm oil treatment is offered in private sessions at Geelong Natural Therapies, specially designed for adults.

The most popular type of Geelong Natural Therapies is myotherapy which uses the soothing qualities of a few Geelong Organic Products like Georgette, White Lily, Goji Berry, Echinacea, and Ginger to help the body fight inflammation while releasing endorphins to combat depression. Some clients also find that traditional remedial massages like the Lomi Technique or the Japanese Shiatsu Massage work well for them.