Liver is the biggest organ in the body that helps in synthesis of protein, aiding in breaking down of food particles, clean impure blood and for storing energy. Due to some reason if the liver malfunctions, then surely the whole functioning system of the body is affected. These non-functioning elements pave way to health issues which can be severe resulting in the death of the person.

Signs that indicate the liver is affected:

  • Skin and white part of the eyes appears yellow in color.
  • Bloating of the body due to accumulation of fluid.
  • Swelling of abdomen due to increase in the quantity of ascites.
  • Color of urine becomes yellowish.
  • Itchy skin.
  • Abdominal pain, feeling of nausea, severe headache and diarrhea.

When you realize the symptoms, it will be best to consult a well acclaimed medical advisor. The doctor will prefer to verify the actual ailment by viewing the result of some tests. The tests are done to check your protein level, enzymes in your blood, level of cholesterol and whether you are suffering from any other digestive disorders.

The tests are suggested when:

  • There are indications of you suffering from Hepatitis.
  • If you are a heavy drinker.
  • You have a family history of liver diseases.
  • Obesity with high blood pressure.
  • Suffering from diabetes symptoms.
  • Taking any strong medications having the negative effects of spoiling liver functions.

Types of tests generally prescribed to be done:

  • Alanine transaminase test: An enzyme ALT helps in breaking proteins to generate energy is normally present in liver. If it is present in high quantity in blood, then it indicates your liver is damaged.
  • Alkaline phosphatase test: Presence of ALP enzyme in high proportions in your liver, bone and in bile ducts may identify liver is getting degrading or you have ailments of bone.
  • Test for noting the level of protein and Albumin: Low proportions of both the components is well marked indication of liver diseases.
  • Aspartate transaminase test: Presence of AST enzyme in blood rated to be in high quantity isn’t favorable for your liver to function normally.
  • Bilirubin test: Bilirubin is a waste chemical formed when your blood breaks down. The liver collects the bilirubin and throws out. Having the chemical component in blood in high level means the liver isn’t functioning properly.
  • Prothrombin test: This PT test helps in knowing the time taken for the blood to clot. If it takes more than normal, then liver is damaged.

Before taking such tests you are asked to eat normal food and can even take medications twelve hours before the testing time. It will be helpful to tell the doctor about any medications you are consuming as some times the side effects of the drug may affect your general health. Stopping their consumption may help in erasing the discomfort of your body.

Testing in well known Memorial Hermann North Houston endoscopy and surgery will be helpful to know whether you are suffering from liver ailments and the kind of treatment best to get cured quickly.