Migration experts are used in representing visa cases. However, finding a competent professional is overwhelming. Here are tips to help with the selection of migration agents.

Registered Agent

Identify the bodies that certify and registered immigration agents. Verify that the service provider has the necessary permits to be in this job. Thus, avoid migration agencies that lack enough proof of registration.


Look for the agency reviews from previous clients. Besides, go through the online comments about the company. Reputable agents have positive remarks and appraisals from their old customers.

Visit the Agent

Make sure that you meet the agency before engaging them. Use this chance to inquire about their competence, charges, as well as services offered. Pay attention to how the firm representative responds to queries and address issues.


Settle for an experienced and reputable immigration agency. Ensure that their rates are affordable and that they allow for installment payment. Also, work with a company that has been in business for several years.