Students are always challenged with chemistry because it’s one of the most complicated and difficult subjects to pass. Many students struggle with it which is why they would often turn to tutors for help. There are many tutors offering their services out there with varying rates for O level chemistry tuition, h2 chemistry tuition, and JC chemistry tuition. With so many of them in Singapore, how can you find the best chemistry tutor for you?

Do Your Research

Before you hire someone, check out all your options. Many tutors are posting their services in public bulletin boards and in school. If you have friends or classmates who have tutors to recommend, go ahead and check them out too. Another place to look for is online. Local and foreign chemistry tutors conduct classes via applications like Skype. If you think this is something you’re comfortable with, avail a free trial class now.

Look For Certified or Licensed Teachers

There are tutors who don’t hold a license or certification who will charge less for their services but don’t be blinded by them. Always settle for no one but the best. Professional teachers serving as tutors may charge more but you’re assured of their quality services. They have years of experience and have access to different resources. They’re also more knowledgeable as to what strategies to use base on your level.

Accessibility and Schedule

It’s also important that your chemistry tutor is accessible and available during your chosen schedule. For instance, if you’re preparing for a big exam, it’s imperative to have a tutor who lives near you and can teach you after school and on weekends too. Avoid tutors who already have too much in their hands or are too far from your residence. By the time they reach you, they’ll be too tired and stressed out to deliver their lessons effectively.

Value for Your Money

Be sure to get value for your money by hiring a tutor who’s not only licensed or certified but also has a remarkable reputation with years of experience. An excellent tutor must have varied experiences with students and especially in teaching chemistry. Bear in mind that cheap doesn’t always equal quality.

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