Investing in a pc monitor stand may appear just like a pretty straightforward choice in the end, it is simply an easy affordable tool to aid your pc monitor. However, you can’t highlight the significance of a monitor stand according to its cost, because this little peripheral forms a crucial part of the workstation or entertainment system, housing most likely probably the most costly device within the system the computer monitor.

Just how if you undertake the very best monitor riser for the computer? Let us discover.

Quality and Material

The most crucial factor to look for when choosing a monitor stand may be the quality. The stand shouldn’t have any flex whatsoever, and really should be sufficiently strong to aid the monitor’s weight. Aside from the flex, tthere shouldn’t be creaking sounds whenever you fit the computer monitor to the stand. This can be a sign the stand consists of low quality material, which may cave in eventually.

Also worth noting may be the material the stand is made of. Though most monitor arms are constructed with plastic or any other non-magnetic materials, some manufacturers might also use electromagnets for electrical components like a USB charging port. While it may seem this really is more “value for your money”, the circuitry’s magnetic field can hinder the electrical aspects of the computer monitor, causing more damage than good.

If you’re thinking about a monitor stand with power outlets, make certain the constituents generate low magnetism. This is often checked having a calculating device, or even more easily with common household products like a compass.


This is particularly important if you are using an LCD monitor, that has relatively narrow viewing angles. Make certain you receive a variable height monitor stand, with which you’ll alter the monitor’s altitude in the mounting point. It might be also more suitable to obtain one by having an adjustable horizontal swivel too, though this is not as common. The maker usually supplies a swivel for adjustable height monitor stands, though more costly monitor riser might also use electronic controls.

Mounting Options

Next out there would be the mounting options from the stand. There must be an opening at the back of the stand it situation of the wall mounting option, though more prevalent are mounts at the end from the stand, which keep your monitor in position during use. The previous is one thing you should think about if you are considering making use of your monitor included in a house entertainment system.


Though this is not as essential as the above mentioned, it’s still something you should think about, because the monitor stand should match its surroundings. This will make the machine look great looking, because the stand would participate in all of those other equipment.

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