If you are a crammer, you leave everything to a solid plan at the last minute. If you think your typical routine is getting in the way of your professional and personal life, consider this list as another alternative. The list also provides tips and reminders to those who are always on the go and have little to no time to properly prep.

It is difficult to plan the small details for an event properly; not everyone has the luxury of knowing their schedule months beforehand. Here are steps you can do the night before an event to make sure you put your best foot forward:

  1. Keep portable meals on hand

Before you head home for the night, buy a ready-made meal that you can easily carry. Bread, pastries, and sandwiches are an example of things you can keep in your bag and eat when you have the time. It is essential to eat well when you are on the go and long travel times may get in the way of a proper meal.

If you are looking for something more substantial, have a container with leftovers ready just in case you can sit down for breakfast or lunch. If you are skimping on space and are afraid of spills, buy granola bars and other crackers.

  1. Prep your bag

Prep your bag the night before or at least keep all critical documents or items in a visible area. When you are in a rush, you might be too preoccupied with other things like your hygiene, your clothes, or how late you are. You might forget the reason why you are going to the event and the items you needed to bring.

Prepping your bag beforehand might remind you to look for things that you set aside. Nothing is worse than forgetting where you kept that birthday or wedding gift.

  1. Book a driver

To go to your event on time, book a driver or eco-friendly taxis ahead of time instead of calling for it after you get ready. Booking ahead of time guarantees that you have a ride and you don’t have to worry about not getting a cab because of commuter volume during rush hour traffic.

Being on time for your event is common courtesy and may be a contributing factor to getting a job or sealing a business deal.

  1. Check the weather

Check the weather for the next day as well so that you can plan your outfit and your bag around what you might need. For expected showers don’t settle for the first jacket you see. You can take the time to look for something that matches your overall outfit better for a cleaner look. You can also pack an umbrella, sunscreen, and medicine in case of emergencies.

We cannot control our schedules. There are times when we get unexpected responsibilities at the very last minute. However, this lack of control should not be the reason for being absent or late. If there is something you can do to work around the problem, do it, and you will make more opportunities and memories.

Image: Pixabay.com