No matter the profession, you want an inviting working space that doesn’t make your clients snore. Different options satisfy different business needs. Changes can be as small as adding 3D wall panels or as detailed as bringing in a design crew.  It depends on the energy you want to portray. For decorating inspiration, there’s a lot you can do to add flavor to different business spaces.

Retail space

A retail building is probably one of the easiest to give some life to. Most of the time, fixtures and shelves will fill the room, so the products will be the center of attention. Try adding a warm colored paint and unique lighting. A chandelier in the center of the room may also be a nice touch. Some shop owners will hang a small canvas with an inspirational quote, but less is more.

Event venue

When setting up a venue for rental, some people think it’s as simple as painting and offering a building. That may have been enough in the past, but now people want extravagant events. That doesn’t mean you have to renovate the entire building. You can make subtle changes like adding texture to the wall. An efficient way to do that is with architectural wall panels.

It’s a way to add a design to the venue that gives it a sophisticated look. The moldings have designs like waves, repetitive creations, and cubes. You can paint the 3D wall panels to match the room or use another lively color. Either way, it’s sure to be an eye catching addition.

Professional office

If you’re a doctor, attorney, or financial professional you can keep decor simple yet attractive. Make your client area feel comfortable and inviting. Hang art pieces that blend well with your paint and furniture. A frame with a different design or a custom made one will make your pictures stand out. You can even take it a step further and hire someone to create artwork on your wall.

Beach house

You can have a lot of fun decorating beach rentals. It’s a chance to play with mixing colors and themes. Each room can be different, but most beach houses give guests a cool, breezy feeling of sitting near the ocean. Incorporate decorations with shells and starfish throughout the house. In the living room or bedrooms, architectural wall panels with aqua waves would catch everyone’s attention.

Don’t get overwhelmed with making changes to your work environment. Just take it one step at a time. Visualize how you want your building to look. Think about your clients and what satisfaction they need. Even small upgrades can make a huge difference.