Gel shots are the injection of gel into the joints so that they can act as synovial fluid. It’s usually injected into arthritis patients to help in easy movement and reduce pain. Some of the types of shots are;

Hyaluronic acid injections

This kind of shot is recommended for knees only especially if one does not have signs of swelling and it’s also the best for diabetic patients.

Platelet-rich plasma shot.

This kind of injection is used to treat joint pain mainly caused by arthritis. The shot uses ones’ blood and platelets to facilitate healing.

Placental tissue matrix shot

This also helps to reduce the pain that occurs due to arthritis. They are injected into the placenta tissue which is obtained of a healthy baby from a healthy mother after delivery. This is because placenta tissue has been proven to facilitate healing.

Most of these injections have been proven to reduce joint pains.