In order for contractors in the construction industry to improve their productivity, they have to have better control over labor productivity. The problem is that labor productivity is usually the result of managers or supervisors in construction companies doing all the controlling and not giving their employees any control or authority over the projects that they are managing. This causes many problems with employees working on a big project and can cause them a lot of frustration and stress, which is also not good for them at all. To improve productivity in the construction industry, workers need to exert more authority over the projects.

They can improve construction productivity by controlling labor costs resulting from poor planning and the failure to correctly estimate the necessary materials, labor, and equipment cost along the entire process of the construction project. One way of controlling labor costs is by using prefabrication instead of building an addition, repairing, or remodeling an existing building. By using prefabrication instead of traditional construction, you are allowing contractors and other employees to focus their attention on the most profitable jobs instead of spending time on unprofitable jobs.