How is the Workplace Mental Health in your organization? Many managers and business owners focus solely on performance and profits. However, the employees’ mental health also impacts their performance. Therefore, improve your organization’s mental health by hosting team building activities, providing access to counseling, and hosting motivational sessions with guest speakers. Firstly, host team building activities to allow employees an opportunity to de-stress and have fun. Team-building improves mental health and promotes healthy employee relationships. Secondly, make counseling available to employees by contributing to one session per year. Enable your team to get professional services if they need additional mental help. Thirdly, invite guest speakers to make presentations to your staff at least once per quarter. Choose topics such as self-esteem building, budgeting, retirement, and improving personal communication so that employees can learn useful tools to assist their daily life. Taking these steps to improve your team’s mental health will enhance your organization’s productivity.