Koch Chemie is a leading manufacturer of commercial detailing products. Over the years, it has introduced a wide range of products for the detailing application. These products are known to deliver the promised results and have set high standards in the market. The company offers a large number of car washing products. Currently its products can be found in the categories of cleaning and washing, polish, care and pads. It manufactures different types of shampoos, wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, interior cleaners, plastic cleaners, bug removers and other products.

The cleaning products are used to clean the surfaces thoroughly. Once the surface has been cleaned, a polish is used to give it the finishing touches and make it shine. Light imperfections can be removed easily, giving the surface a glossy finish. Problems like fine scratches, oxidation, sanding marks, streaks, swirls and holograms can be removed. The product’s high-quality formula is made with special abrasive materials that remove the imperfections but do not damage the shine.