High-visibility clothing has become a mandatory PPE in various industries. But, the rules for wearing Hi-vis are more stringent in some businesses. Consequences are severe for those found to defy this mandatory requirement. Should you consider wearing a high visibility polo shirt?

Yes, if you work in a high-risk worksite. Remember, exposure to heavy-moving machines increases vulnerability to injury. Business owners can prevent workplace injuries by ensuring the use of safety garments.
This safety garment is a must-wear for anyone within or near the federal-aid highway. The same applies to those working in public roadways. A high-visibility shirt will help minimize workplace injuries.

Some professions don’t require the use of Hi-Vis safety workwear. However, having this protective equipment, regardless of your working environment, helps enhance your safety and those around you. Whether you are working in the warehouse interiors, a factory, or injury-prone worksites, keep safe; wear high visibility apparel.